Hey everyone and welcome to the official Blog Site for Beauty and Fashion Connection’s Expo.   To help our guest navigate the expo in style on October 13th, 2012, we have decided to highlight one vendor or participant each week.  So many times we attend expos and purchase items from their booths but fail to connect with them.  This informal site is the first step in getting to know the person behind the face.  I want you to meet Lo Mac, the CEO and Creator of, Little Pampu and CB Inc.  In case you didn’t know, Little Pampu is a children’s story about a brown bunny whose story focuses on restoring hope and dreams.   The motto behind the book is, “Proving That Dreams Do Come True.” As we begin our interview I immediately recognize that Lo Mac is the human version of her main character.  Join in as we talk about her highlights and achievements with her new and expanding company.

KellyGirl~ How did Little Pampu come about?

Lo Mac~ Well I have always been a reader and have written short stories and poems.  I decided to create this character, I drew it and the rest followed.

KellyGirl~ Where has Little Pampu taken you as an author?

Lo Mac~ This experience has been a journey and everyone I meet loves the concept.  I noticed that all children enjoy hearing about the story of Little Pampu and her adventures.  She had a way of restoring hope to all that read it.

KellyGirl~ Is Little Pampu an extension of you?

Lo Mac~ Yes!  We have the same eyes and I was Little Pampu as a young girl.  She is very determined and adventurous like myself and is not afraid to try new and exciting things.  I just finished my degree a couple of years ago and just like my main character, dreams do come true. 

KellyGirl~ How did you get the opportunity to vend at Printer’s Row in downtown Chicago? That is such a huge event that is recognized worldwide.

Lo Mac~ It was a last minute thing.  I submitted my vendor information and had to go through the approval committee before I was accepted.  I was shooting for the children’s section but it didn’t work out this time.  I was well received at the event. 

KellyGirl~ How did the “Children” receive you at the event?

Lo Mac~ The children responded quite well and loved it but the parents loved it even more!  They saw the concept of “Hope” and they saw that they can still live out their dreams.

KellyGirl~ Do you plan to expand Little Pampu and CB Inc., into other ventures?

Lo Mac~ We are slowly expanding to the media.  I want to do a cartoon about Little Pampu and do Little Pampu Parties.

KellyGirl~ What are Little Pampu Parties?

Lo Mac~ They are parties centered around the motto and theme for children.  They will totally immerse in Little Pampu’s world. I want to expand the vision in the direction of  how the  American Girl have evolved.  You know,  have flag stores, dolls, stuffed animals created like the characters etc… I sometimes see abandoned buildings and dream of my retail store in that place.  I have big dreams for this character and plan to live them out. 

KellyGirl~ What are your plans for the expo?

Lo Mac~ I want to get the story established in Northwest Indiana and meet new people while making connections.

KellyGirl~ What are some of your other plans?

Lo Mac~ To read to children in local daycares as well as in the local school systems.

KellyGirl~ Any plans for the children at the expo?

Lo Mac~ Yes! Actually I plan to host a children’s coloring session for a donation of $5 for ages 5-10yrs.  Children under 5 must be accompanied by their parents.  I will conduct a coloring session while I reading to the children.  I want to introduce them to Little Pampu and her family. 

KellyGirl~ Any closing remarks?

Lo Mac~ Yes, I am still a dreamer.  I dreamed of being an author and here I am!  I just believe that if you can dream or think it you can do it.  I want children to know this, never be afraid to dream and believe.  I would also like to dabble into writing screen plays and comedy.  I still to this day love theater and have a very vivid imagination.  I started Little Pampu and CB Inc. in January of this year and started vending in April.  I believe that the story is so successful because it touches children and adults of all races.  Little Pampu’s sister is a white bunny while her father is brown.  That has contributed to its universal appeal.

KellyGirl~ Thanks Lo Mac for your time and I hope that everyone has an idea of who you are and that you are not just another vendor behind a booth.

Lo Mac~ Thanks KellyGirl!

As you can see, Lo Mac is hoping, dreaming and living her life to the fullest just like her main characterMake sure you stop by her table during the expo.  I am sure you will be inspired to pursue your purpose and destiny.  And remember these words of William Shakespeare, “And to these are the things that dreams are made of.”  Dream well Lo Mac, dream well.